Don’t break the bank on kid summer activities

Don’t break the bank on kid summer activities

It’s often the homemade, hands on activities that fill up a child’s summer with smiles, and not always the big expensive trips or tons of organized sports. Since you’ve rediscovered your creativity, apply it now to brainstorming things to keep the kids busy on a budget.

To get you started, here’s a list I’ve put together after trolling through a few Mom and Parenting websites and blogs:

Learning Activities

  • Find deals at local museums, zoos etc. and bring the kids on educational (I mean fun!) outings. It’s great training for future trips to pretend to be a tourist in your own city.
  • Take advantage of the local library’s activities, reading programs or just take out books and spend half a day in pajamas reading.
  • Out on a nature hike, let the kids collect leaves and flowers and look up what they’ve found on the internet when you get home.
  • Give the kids a few dollars (or have them run a lemonade stand) and head to the dollar store. How far can they stretch their money?

Helpful Activities

  • Head to the local market, give the kids each a list and have them help find the best produce and deals.
  • Play games like “wash the car” or fence or porch! Helping out when there are buckets and hoses involved is always fun, especially on a hot day.
  • Children who help in the kitchen are more likely to eat more veggies and fruits and make healthier choices. Why not include them in making dinner or their lunches or fun treats like yogurt popsicles?
  • Give a patch of garden to the kids where they can plant their own flowers (or tomatoes).
  • Make household chores fun: Turn cleaning out the garage or their rooms into treasure hunts by hiding goodies.

Fun Activities

  • Picnics are always a great activity. Bring a frisbee or soccer ball along and the kids will be tuckered out in no time.
  • Instead of going crazy stuck inside the house, whip out a boardgame or teach them a new card game. Better yet, build a fort or obstacle course!
  • Arts and crafts are always a great fallback plan – look up kid-friendly DIY projects online, the possibilities are endless.
  • Go swimming or run through the sprinkler, then paint the sidewalk with water.

Try tag teaming some activities with other Mom’s so you can have the occasional break. Got any other ideas on how to keep the kids occupied without spending the earth?

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